Complete your purchase and sale agreement with the electronic signature

This is a key moment for estate agents and their representatives since a signature is required when a sale starts to take place. It's then a race against time until the official deed at the solicitor’s office... Using the electronic signature can allow you to save up to two weeks, enabling you to cash in your commission as soon as possible!

Sign your sales agreements online with Yousign's electronic signature solutions

Digital signature of the purchase and sale agreement

Why use the e-signature to complete your sales agreements?

"Time is money” when it comes to real estate! Between the signing of the preliminary purchase and sale agreement and the signing of the deed of sale, it is not uncommon to see three months pass by, with all the formalities carried out by the solicitor before the final deed can be signed. The earlier the property sale agreement is signed, the quicker the sale.
It is not always easy to find a free moment in three parties’ schedules (yours, the sellers and the buyers) to sign the purchase and sale agreement. This meeting is often postponed because of this issue, even if all parties are in agreement. Two weeks delay when all parties are in tune is a commission paid two weeks too late.

Using the electronic signature—a legally recognised and highly secure procedure—allows you to have the sales agreement signed online by your client and the buyer once each party agrees on the conditions of sale, as soon the file is ready.

As well as saving you time on the sale, the electronic signature starts the withdrawal period and the contract’s suspensive conditions earlier.

This is an indisputable asset in the event you need to quickly put the property back on sale in an ultra-competitive market—for the owners of the property itself—but also the agents acting on their behalf.

The electronic signature of the purchase and sale agreement must be carried out using an Eidas certified solution (the European regulation governing electronic signatures). Some countries may require a specific level of digital signature. The Yousign team will be able to advise you in order to find the best e-signature solution.

Speed up your transactions by completing your property sale agreement with the digital signature

Optimize your sales process

Optimize your sales process

Automate the process of obtaining signatures, have documents completed online and follow the progress of your contracts directly from your Yousign account.

Reduce delays

Reduce delays

Allow buyers to consult and electronically sign the sales agreement from the comfort of their home in a few clicks.

Facilitate home ownership

Facilitate home ownership

Through complete dematerialization, simplify the processing of your files, from the creation to the signing of the contract, and storage before the notarial stage.


Digital signatures for your sales agreement via Yousign

  • Remote electronic signature

    Receive, consult and sign your documents wherever you are, from your computer or mobile phone

  • Validation workflows

    Easily create automated workflows for proofreading, validating, and signing documents

  • Legal signatures in Europe

    Benefit from certified electronic signature solutions that are legally valid throughout the European Union

  • Time-stamped evidence file

    Store your signatures in a time-stamped evidence file archived for 10 years at CDC Arkhineo

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